The Delight and Sadness of Expired Domain Names

A hobby of mine is looking at lists of expired domain names. I look for people’s names in the list. Then I paste the URL into the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and see what was there. Usually it’s someone’s professional website. Usually something boring like “brand consultant” or “mergers and acquisitions lawyer”. But sometimes it’s an author, or artist. Those are some interesting websites.

Finding the personal website of an artist is fun. I’m expanding my world. I’m finding content that I would have never found otherwise. The discoveries are much more random than what I’d find on social media, because social media uses algorithms to find content that it thinks I’ll like.

But there’s always a sad aspect to it too. The domain expired for some reason, after all. And these expired domains are sometimes people’s lost dreams.

My uncle had dreams of creating some kind of online dental records platform before he sadly passed.

Anyway, today’s post is inspired by Virginia Pike, and an archive of her website is here:

And on Facebook:


The writing on the homepage is really nice. I’m going to post it here and hope that she doesn’t mind:

Her blog:

And here’s her one and only book:

So what happened to her, anyway? Well, she’s 74 and I don’t think many people are able to keep their website running at that age.

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