Moving on from Chisel

Once upon a time, I worked at a company that heavily contributed to and used Chisel (a Verilog generator using a Scala DSL). Now, roughly 3 years later, I tried to make a fun little hardware design using Chisel. I remembered that the people who were contributing to Chisel liked to break backward compatibility for no reason at all, so I decided to stick with the version of Chisel that I was using back in 2018 (3.2.x).

Unfortunately, even with that safety measure, I didn’t get far before running into trouble. Here’s my simple design:

class N64DevCartMain() extends Module {
    val io = IO(new Bundle {
        val n64adi = Input(UInt(16.W))
        val n64readn = Input(Bool())
        val n64ale_l = Input(Bool())
        val n64ale_h = Input(Bool())
        val n64ado = Output(UInt(16.W))
        val romAddr = Output(UInt(32.W))
        val romData = Input(UInt(16.W))
    val addr = RegInit(0.U(32.W))
    when (!io.n64ale_h && !RegNext(!io.n64ale_h)) { // ALE_H falling edge
        addr := (addr & "hffff".U) | ((io.n64adi & "hffff".U) << 16)
    }.elsewhen (!io.n64ale_l && !RegNext(!io.n64ale_l)) { // ALE_L falling edge
        addr := (addr & "hffff0000".U) | (io.n64adi & "hffff".U)
    }.elsewhen (io.n64readn && RegNext(!io.n64readn)) { // read rising edge
        addr := addr + 2.U
    io.romAddr := addr;
    io.n64ado := io.romData

I wrote a small test for this also:

package N64DevCartMainTesters {
    class ReadWords(dut: N64DevCartMain) extends PeekPokeTester(dut) {
        val delay = 3
        // Set initial state
        poke(, 0.U(16.W))
        poke(, true.B)
        poke(, true.B)
        poke(, true.B)
        poke(, 0.U(16.W))
        // Check initial output
        expect(, 0.U(16.W))
        // Change address to 0x12345678
        poke(, "h1234".U(16.W))
        poke(, false.B)
        poke(, "h5678".U(16.W))
        poke(, false.B)
        poke(, false.B)
        expect(, "h12345678".U(32.W))

Unfortunately, this test was flaky, somehow. One in three runs of this test would get an incorrect value in romAddr. Why? Who knows.

I tried updating Chisel3 to the latest version, 3.5.1. But, apparently, the API for instantiating tests was deprecated (in a minor version change!). Here was the test instantiation code:

object Main extends App {
  chisel3.Driver.execute("-td chisel_output".split(" +"), () => new N64DevCartMain())

So yeah. I don’t have time for this. What should I try next? Bluespec? MyHDL? SpinalHDL? ROHD? Migen? Clash? There are a ton listed on this page, and I just hope that I can find one that is more stable and than Chisel.

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