To use our product, just create a config file in an obscure directory

I love Sublime Text, but I can feel the death by a thousand paper cuts beginning. After a product has been on the market for long enough, the people developing it tend to stop caring about the user experience.

Today I wanted to stop Sublime Text from zooming in any time I accidentally held down ctrl (while doing a ctrl-v or ctrl-c) and bumped the mouse scrollwheel.

No problem, there’s a config option for that. You just need to read this stackoverflow response and then google search that filename to figure out where it goes on Windows and then innocently copy-paste a really old version of the file from this stackoverflow post which causes Sublime Text to immediately stop registering left-clicks and then remove everything from the file except the “scroll_down” “scroll_down” mappings (which qualifies as trial and error since I don’t know, since this file is so obscure, if Sublime Text is going to replace it’s defaults with this file entirely, or merge the defaults with this file).

When adding this scroll-to-zoom feature, the creators of Sublime Text should have thought “How do we make it easy for a user to disable this, if they don’t like it”.

About 999 more of these and I’ll officially have stopped loving Sublime Text.

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