Things I Plan on Blogging About but Probably Won’t

I’ve been bookmarking interesting articles. Tons of interesting articles. Any by “bookmarking” I mean emailing them to myself while sitting on the train on my way to work. “Ooo that looks interesting” *email to myself* At present, I have about 300 emails in my inbox, from myself. I pretty much delete everything else.

I want to go through these in reverse order and start popping the stack so to speak. Read all of the interesting articles I bookmarked, and then, to help myself remember what I learned, blog about it a bit.

Here are some juicy topics I really want to do a deep dive on in blog form, but I’ll probably be too lazy to ever do so and they’ll sit in my inbox forever:

  • Data visualization frameworks
  • Motorola 68000 CPU compatibility with 8-bit devices
  • “A closure is a poor man’s object; an object is a poor man’s closure”
  • GNU Smalltalk
  • Noise reduction using DSPs
  • How GPUs work at a hardware level (what exactly is a “rasterizer” in terms of HDL code? The information is out there, but I don’t think it’s been organized in quite the format this blog post would be…)
  • Software archaeology: Digging through old Macintosh 68k games/software that made their way to github in the past decade.
  • Why the Intel 386 sucked so much (especially porting linux to it)
  • Can anyone compile Chromium?
  • Can you hack together a decent Slack clone using just XMPP and plugins?
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (I could talk about this forever, because it’s crazy stuff, and interests me to no end)
  • Cryptanalysis (always wanted to figure out how that works and make some simple code crackers)
  • Frequency Modulation in music synthesizers
  • A breakdown of all the steps an ethernet packet takes on it’s way down to the hardware layer
  • A breakdown of how PCIe works
  • A rant about why language learning apps are insufficient for the modern Greek language
  • The Zeeman effect
  • The D programming language – is it obviated by new C++ features?
  • Running the linux kernel without a userland
  • Hypercard was awesome, let’s talk about it
  • What’s the structure of the linux 3D graphics stack, in simple terms, in 2019?

And many, many more…

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